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Norland provides healthy supplements that keeps you robust and agile for enjoying the goodies and happiness that life has to offer.


Always glow with ever fresh young and renewed skin when you use our facial mask, skin toning and anti aging products among others.

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Life is more enjoyable and fulfilling when you use innovative solutions that automates and gets tasks done with ease.

Fast selling products

Norland Wonder Frying Pan

Can be used to fry anything without oil.

-Preserves food nutrients & food prepared does not stick.

-Reduces excess oil consumed from cooked food & the chances of growth of cancer cells.

-Suitable for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, the elderly and diabetic patients.


Anion Sanitary Pad

Anion Sanitary Pad is a wonder pad. The secret is the Negative ions that it contains. Many users have testified on several occasions of being able to treat the following by simply using Anion Sanitary Pad: Vaginal itching, Yeast Infection (Vaginal Candidiasis), Fallopian tube infection, Irregular mentstrual cycle, Excessive vaginal discharge etc

Gargle Mouthwash


Sunlit Herbal Multiple-effect Mouthwash can treat bad breath, tonsillitis, periodontitis, swollen gums, bleeding gums and oral ulcers among others.

The result is readily visible and amazing.

What Our Costumers say

I used to have a bad breath since my adolescent years. The thing had embarrassed me so much. I have tried lots of products with no visible solution coming forth until a friend gave me Garcle Mouthwash as a gift. The bad breath disappeared in one touch.

Lizzie Bakare

Since I started using Anion Sanitary Pad, I no longer experience vaginal itching, Excessive vaginal discharge, Yeast Infection or even Irregular menstrual cycle, Anion Sanitary Pad put a stop to all of that. I recommend it to every woman. It is 100% dependable.

Anita Mbah